Mosaic templates

Design your Mosaic easily and quickly with colored mosaic templates.

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Mosaic templates colorful and accurate

A colored mosaic template supports your mosaic project enormously. If you do not know exactly how many stones you need or how the motif should be drawn exactly, a mosaic template is an indispensable tool for your hobby start.

All mosaic templates are suitable for most production techniques from the direct method to the indirect method of laying. In addition, you can place your mosaic directly on the final table, floor or wall inlay with a carrier net to which the mosaic stones are glued.

On each mosaic template there is an exact list of the required mosaic stones, the different sizes, to simplify your stone calculation. Of course you can choose your personal colours according to your mosaic object.

All around a mosaic template is a great help for the entrance into the mosaic hobby.