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Mosaic Fantasy Glass Tiles

Already centuries before Christ people embellished their works with mosaic stones. Even today we admire their small but also large works of art. The combination of individual stones creates a colourful and lively ornamental pattern. The world's largest mosaic artwork can be found in the Cathedral of St. Sava in Belgrade. Completed at the end of 2017, the dome mosaic covers an area of 1235 m2 and is proof of the unlimited possibilities of mosaic art.

The artwork, completed only in 2017, shows that mosaic art is a fascinating art that continues to this day. It is therefore not surprising that many hobbyists have discovered mosaic art as a hobby for themselves.

Our mosaic stones made of fantasy glass stones

We offer in our assortment a huge selection of different mosaic fantasy glass stones. Fantasy glass stones is a back coloured glass, so that an infinite choice of colours is possible. Fantasy glass stones differ from normal glass in that these mosaic stones have rounded edges and corners. The rounded corners and edges give the stones an unconventional shape and thus attract the eye.

Our mosaic stones are uniformly approx. 4mm thick. You can choose from 10x10mm, 20x20mm and polygonal (irregular) shapes. In addition to various uniform colours, there are also six attractive colour mixes in the range. This assortment is rounded off by mosaic stones with glitter effect. We offer these extraordinary stones in 10x10mm format in five attractive colours and one colour mixture.

Thanks to the rounded corners and edges, the mosaic stones feel soft and pleasant to the touch, so that working with them adds to the fun of decorating. Fantasy glass stones is a frost-resistant real glass and therefore ideal for outdoor use.

Thanks to the translucency and the light refraction caused by the curvature, the stones are suitable for lamps and artworks that work with light.

Conjure up a colourful world

Many hobbyists have discovered tessellating, as there is an unlimited choice of motifs and hardly anything that cannot be embellished and decorated with tesserae. Thus, a simple side table becomes a unique piece of jewellery, a boring flower pot becomes a creative and unique eye-catcher.

All you need is glue to attach the mosaic stones to the object, grout for the spaces between the stones and, of course, the mosaic stones. Optionally, the grout can be mixed with some acrylic paint to match the colour of the spaces in between or to make them appear contrasting. An eye-catcher is also a mixture of mosaic stones of different price classes. This not only looks good, but also saves money. The noble stones stand out especially compared to the cheaper ones.

Possible applications

A total eye-catcher that is even sold as a mass product in many discounters is the lantern decorated with mosaic stones. If you want to create a special and unique lantern yourself and don't want to use a mass product from the discounter, all you need is a simple glass with a suitable shape, glue, grout and a few mosaic stones of your choice. You apply the glue to the glass and decorate the glass with the mosaic stones. After the glue has dried, you can fill the joints with the grout. Apply the grout evenly and in excess. Simply remove the excess grout with a piece of household paper. The end product is a beautiful lantern, which is unique in this creation.

Every picture you take captures a unique and special moment. So why use a regular picture frame for the image? Create your own and make your memory stand out even more. All you need is a wooden frame, which you can buy at any hardware store, a suitable glue (wood glue is suitable for wood) and a few mosaic stones. If you have taken some shells with you from your holiday, you can make your picture frame even more memorable. Spread the glue thickly on the wooden frame and press the mosaic stones firmly on. Pay attention to the drying time of the glue and work in small intervals if necessary. After the glue has dried and everything is held in place, fill the joints with joint compound and let it dry briefly until you can remove the excess compound. Now that the joint compound has also dried, you have a beautiful picture frame that is perfectly adapted to your picture and, by looking at the picture, you share two memories at the same time. One memory of the picture, the other of the creation of the picture frame.

In addition to these options, there are countless other possibilities for decoration, which we will be happy to present to you on the other pages of our website.

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