Joy glass tiles

Interesting facts about Joy mosaic tiles

The standard size is 10x10mm and 20x20mm. The mosaic tiles are all tread-proof, scratch-proof and frost-proof. The mosaic stones are also immune to acids, alkalis or temperature fluctuations. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. However, they can only be used as flooring with reservations. 20 individual colours are available in the range. However, mixtures measuring 20x20 mm are available with copper flicker. To give you an approximate idea of the quantities needed, 1000 g are about 1450 mosaic tiles (10x10mm), which are enough for an area of 40cm x 40cm. You will find exact details with the individual stones.

Mosaic tiles with a long tradition

For thousands of years, people have been using glass mosaic tiles to create floors, walls, columns or decorative items. In combination, the small coloured tiles look beautiful and create figures or ornamental patterns. The widespread technique makes hobbyists and decorators happy today thanks to the variety of colours and makes many design dreams come true. Mosaic stones made of Joy glass embellish walls and decorative items and make every piece a real one-of-a-kind. This is how a boring side table becomes a completely new piece of jewellery or an old flower pot becomes a real eye-catcher.

It is simply wonderful to see how the many small, systematically arranged mosaic tiles made of Joy glass create a harmonious picture. When you consider how much work goes into such a unique piece, it is not surprising that handmade mosaic products are quite expensive. Do-it-yourself is definitely worth it in this case. Whether you are a beginner or a professional - with mosaic stones made of Joy glass you can give free rein to your creativity. Joy glass is coloured glass and available in the size 10x10x4mm.

What are Joy Glass Mosaic Tiles?

Glass mosaic is created by melting quartz sand, soda and limestone that have solidified without crystallisation. Today, the glass mosaic tiles are produced entirely by machine, because this is the only way to give them a flat and crystalline surface. Joy glass mosaic stones are available in many different colours. Colour pigments are mixed into the glass during the melting process. In this way, the glass mosaic tiles remain colourfast and at the same time have a homogeneous effect. Joy glass mosaic stones live from their incomparable colour brilliance as well as from the interplay of colour and light.

Three craft ideas with glass mosaic tiles made of Joy Glass

No matter which decorative items are to appear in new splendour, a few utensils are needed. The basic equipment for crafting with glass mosaic tiles made of Joy Glas includes: Mosaic stones, mosaic joint compound, mosaic glue. In order to be able to work with the whole thing, it is best to have old newspapers ready as a base, as well as a soft sponge, rubber gloves, an old bowl for mixing the grout and an old whisk for mixing.

Lanterns made from Joy Glass Mosaic Stones

Glued jars and tins are beautiful to look at and have an ecological effect at the same time. Especially for beginners, lanterns made of Joy Gals mosaic stones are the perfect way to start, because gluing on jars and tins is easy. First, the jars and tins should be prepared, i.e. they should be clean and dust-free. As a second step, apply the previously mixed grout and let it dry very briefly. Then place the Joy Glass mosaic stones on top - either according to the colour scheme or in a colourful way, just as everyone likes it. Now wipe the mosaic stones lightly with a damp sponge until they have a clear shine. Then leave to dry for two to four hours.

Joy Glass Mosaic Tray

How about a very individual tray, embellished with your own mosaic? Joy glass mosaic stones can be attached to a wide variety of materials - even wood. Before you start, think about a pattern or a word and draw it. Now glue the Joy Glas mosaic stones onto the tray with a wood glue. Then mix the mosaic grout until it has the consistency of toothpaste. Use a spatula to pour the grout onto the tray and spread it well. After the grout has dried briefly, use a soft, damp sponge to clean the stones free again.

A popular classic: Side table made of Joy glass tesserae

Whether you want to embellish an old table of an older generation or you want to give your new Ikea table that certain something, then Joy glass mosaic stones come into play. The procedure is similar to the other decorative items. First, apply a thin layer of the prepared grout and let it dry briefly. Then mark out the desired pattern or carve it into the grout with a pointed object. When laying the small Joy Glass mosaic tiles, always start from the outside inwards. The distance between the tiles should not be less than two millimetres. Once the tiles have been laid, leave everything to dry for about 2-4 hours. After the drying process, grout the gaps with the mosaic grout and then brush the mosaic tiles clean again with a soft, damp sponge. Allow to dry well - the individually crafted table is finished.

Properties Mosaic Tiles Joy Glass

and those who want to become one, mosaic stones made of Joy glass are the ideal starting point. The mosaic stones are easy to work with and offer enormous design possibilities thanks to the large variety of colours. Our mosaic stones made of Joy glass are available in the dimensions 10x10mm. The back of the tiles is slightly flattened and has small grooves. Thus, the stones can be easily processed and glued. Furthermore, Joy Glass mosaic stones are particularly robust and can withstand a lot: they are tread-proof and scratch-resistant. Joy glass mosaic stones are also suitable for outdoors, as they defy the weather and are also frost-proof.

Features of Joy Glass mosaic tiles

  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • tread-proof, scratch-proof
  • frost-proof
  • acid and alkali resistant

Here are all the tile variants in this category once again: