Mosaic mirror tiles

Dazzling, colorful and unmistakable glass tiles.

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You enjoy decorating?

Are you creative and always looking for new ways to decorate your own four walls according to your own ideas and thus give them a very special touch? Or you don't want to fall back on an impersonal gift for a dear person, but would rather give something personal to a friend? You like to do handicrafts together with the children and are looking for a new idea, what is suitable for it?
Then why not try an art form that was already known in ancient times and has been preserved until today? Already the word "mosaic" means as much as "dedicated to the muses".
With the Mosaic Mirror Glass Tiles you can create your very own work of art in no time and you can let your creative vein run free.

Create a small work of art with mirror mosaic

The mirror glass tiles come in a wide range of colours, so that you are free to choose how colourful your work of art should be in the end. You yourself are the architect and builder of your mosaic and choose from the available colours, ranging from blue to silver, exactly the right ones for your own piece of art, in the creation of which only your own creativity can set limits.
If you do not yet have a definite idea of what exactly will be assembled from the mirror glass tiles at the end and how the mosaic will look like in the end, you also have the possibility to have the different colours of the mirror glass tiles simply mixed and then arrange them to your heart's content as you like it best.
The small pieces of mirror glass become exactly what you imagine. You alone decide how you want to use them, whether you want to turn them into a pretty mural in which the light is refracted or whether they will spice up an old picture frame. What you put together from the mirror glass, which as a finished work of art also becomes the eye-catcher of every room through the colourful speckles of light refracted in it, is entirely in your hands.

Helping old things to shine again

Why not use the mirror tiles to give the corners of the old mirror a very personal touch? Arranged as frames, they bring a very special eye-catcher, for example in the bathroom, and create a very special charm. Thus the bathroom mirror, which just a moment ago looked like any other, suddenly becomes a real eye-catcher and the bathroom takes on a playful character of its own when the light falling into the new mirror frame is refracted into colourful light accents that dance on the walls.
The old living room table has actually already had its day, the tabletop has seen better days and you are no longer quite satisfied with it? With the mirror glass tiles the table top could easily be transformed into a small work of art. All you need is an idea of what motif the finished mosaic should show at the end and with a little time and skill the old, worn-out table will shine in a new light and the table top will create a charming play of colours on the ceiling when the light falls on it.
Surfaces that have actually had their best days already, if you use them as the basis for a mosaic composed of mirror glass, will quickly become a beautiful accent.
Decide for yourself where and how exactly you would like to place one in your home, or whether you would like to make someone happy with a mosaic as a gift, whether as a refreshment for the picture frame, in which the picture to be given away is actually placed, or as a homemade lantern for the garden.

Enjoy the play of colours

There are no limits to your own fantasy when it comes to realizing your own works of art with the mirror glass. You can choose from a wide range of colours, from a beautiful dark forest green to a rich golden yellow, which makes reflections shimmer when the light falls on it. From sky blue to a strong red, you can decide for yourself which colours you would like to use to make your plans come true, whether as an eye-catcher on an old piece of furniture, a mural, a picture frame or an eye-catcher for the bathroom mirror.
Let your own creativity run wild and decide for yourself how you want to use the mirror glass tiles.
These are available in 125 gram packages as well as as a whole kilo, so that you can decide for yourself how many tiles of which color you need.
Use the mirror glass to treat your own home to a colourful play of colour and light by letting the sun paint for you and enjoy the play of colours of the light refracted in the colourful mirror glass of your very own work of art.