Flip ceramic stones

Flip Ceramic Tiles

These mosaic tiles are made of high quality fired ceramic flakes. The bright colours of the fractured ceramic are available in many single colours or also mixtures. You will find special stone colours in gold and silver, a real highlight for a mosaic table. Use the mosaic fragments to create your own wall mosaics for your bathroom or decorate a mirror with the polygonal mosaic pieces. If you are looking for templates or creative ideas, just have a look at our mosaic instructions or the templates. You will surely find a great inspiration for your own mosaic. The soft edges of the mosaic tiles and the great colours will give your mosaic design an extraordinary look.

Flip Ceramic Mosaic Tiles

Irregularly glazed flip ceramics are shaped mosaic tiles in the irregular shapes shown. The tile thickness is approximately 6.5mm.

The tesserae are randomly packed and we cannot determine the individual quantities of each shape. So the shapes come mixed as an assortment, taking care to distribute them evenly.

Preventing frost damage

The glazed ceramic flip tiles are first and foremost frost-proof. As with all mosaics, the joint is the predetermined breaking point. Any open materials such as a grout are particularly susceptible to frost damage. 

This can be prevented by sealing your finished mosaic with several applications of a tile and grout sealer from your local building materials shop. You can also prevent this by bringing your mosaic pieces inside for the winter months.

Cutting Flip Ceramics

Basically, due to their small size and polygonal shape, you do not need to cut the Flip mosaic tiles and can lay their surfaces well. If you do need smaller stones, we recommend a marble mosaic tong H0185 which has enough power to cut the stones.

Here are all the tile variants in this category once again: