Mosaic glue

Mosaic glue

Not all adhesives are equally good. Depending on the type of stone or substrate, you need the right adhesive.
You will find a large selection here, from simple all-purpose adhesives for the most common mosaic work to permanently elastic mosaic special adhesives for the most difficult substrates.

To support you in all your creative hobbies, we have selected numerous products from the world of mosaics for you, including a large selection of mosaic adhesives.

We offer you various models that will support you in your work. Experienced creatives will appreciate the fact that in our shop they will find high-quality materials that will allow them to realise all their projects in the best conditions.

Depending on the material on which you want to make your mosaic, you should first apply a special primer to your substrate. We also offer flexible grids in different sizes.

If you want to cut your mosaic tiles yourself, we also have various tools such as mosaic pliers, hammers and the indispensable cutting wedge.

Our grouts are available in different colours so they can be adapted to different design styles.

You can also order special mosaic sample cards to choose the exact colours of your mosaic tiles in person before buying the right amount for your project. If you are looking for a specific material or tool, you can quickly browse the Mosaic Shop using the filters in the categories or the search bar.

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