Soft glass tiles

Soft Glass tiles

The Soft Glass tiles are made of real glass. The stones are coloured on the back and have a protective coating to prevent them from scratching. Soft glass is characterised by its rounded corners, which feel soft and smooth to the touch. Soft glass is frost-resistant, so it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and gives every mosaic an individual look thanks to its beautiful depth effect.

Softglass tiles are available in polygonal (irregular) shapes as well as in 10x10mm and 20x20mm sizes and in many bright colours. A selection of colours with a shimmering metal glitter effect are also available in the mosaic range.

It is already known that mosaic artwork is part of the oldest art of mankind. Already in prehistoric times, unique mosaics were created from bones, plants or stones. In the Roman Empire and ancient Greece, even huge, breathtaking mosaic masterpieces were created that are difficult to describe in words. That is why this period is also known as the peak of mosaic.

Mosaic tiles made of soft glass: ideal for all handicraft ideas

Nowadays, a wide variety of mosaic stone types can be found that make every hobbyist's heart beat faster: Mosaic stones with glitter, colourful mosaic stones, reflective stones, classic ceramic stones, mosaic stones with copper shine and many more. Passionate hobbyists often choose mosaic tiles made of soft glass for their works of art. The inspiring tiles are made of real glass and coated with paint on the back. But why are the tiles called soft glass tiles?

The term soft glass stands for the rounded corners of the mosaic tiles, which have no sharp edges and feel very smooth to the touch. Soft glass mosaic tiles are ideal for a wide variety of craft ideas because the tiles are protected from scratches and similar damage with a protective coating. For this reason, your soft glass mosaics will remain fantastically beautiful and deeply effective for years! Another fantastic feature of the tiles is that they have either an irregular or square shape and can be found in sizes of 10x10 or 20x20 millimetres. A huge choice of colours, with or without glitter effect, will awaken your most beautiful ideas, making all your mosaic works even more imaginative. The soft and supple mosaic stones are also ideal for little tinkerers, so you can create different mosaics with your children and let their imagination run wild!

Crafting with soft glass: How does it work?

Here is a little advice on what you need to create fantastic works of art with mosaic tiles made of soft glass: enough mosaic tiles, mosaic glue, a spatula, grout, a bowl for the grout and a sponge. If you want to embellish a wooden surface, you should prime it first. For this you will also need a brush and the primer. Before you start tinkering, it is highly recommended that you sort the soft glass mosaic tiles by colour so that you have a clear overview of the quantity and colours. It is also advantageous to make a sketch of your design, then you will have everything before your eyes.
Now you can start with the mosaic: Apply a layer of glue to the surface with the spatula and simply stick the soft glass stones on top. How you sort the tiles and what you want to create from them is entirely up to your imagination! Let your imaginative mosaic dry for at least six hours. Then apply the grout according to the instructions on the packaging. It's that easy, without much effort and with a lot of fun you can create fascinating mosaics from soft glass! Whatever comes to your mind, with the mosaic stones you can easily realise large and small craft ideas.

Conjure up inspiring works of art with SoftGlass tiles

Let the colourful soft glass mosaic tiles inspire you and conjure up indescribably beautiful objects that will make your home, office, garden and much more sparkle. It is not uncommon for passionate mosaic lovers to even decorate the entire bathroom with the tiles! With the soft glass stones, you can decorate anything that catches your eye. The recipe for this fun is quite simple: with a little sensitivity and patience, you can create stunning decorations that will simply delight everyone! Conjure up a shiny, shimmering and colourful garden by decorating stepping stones, flower pots, table tops, lamps and more with soft glass. Homemade cups, plates, vases, picture frames, glass coasters and the like always stand out as the perfect gift idea. Delight friends and family by giving unique mosaic works, for example, as a birthday, Mother's Day or Christmas gift. Speaking of Christmas, you can create adorable Christmas decorations with red, green and gold SoftGlass tiles!

Make fun Christmas characters together with the children or decorate plastic soft night ornaments. If you have then got soft glass stones with glitter for the occasion, then all the better! Another good idea are blue and turquoise mosaic stones in light and dark tones. Ocean fans will know what we're talking about here: with these mosaic stones, you can transform large and small surfaces into stunning, shiny blue tones and conjure up a little holiday feeling in your own home! Basically, soft glass mosaic tiles are ideal for anything you can think of. You can transform pieces of furniture that have become boring into something unique. This way you can create unique mosaics on mirror frames, lamps, steps, tables and many other pieces of furniture. Shimmering and colourful soft glass mosaic tiles are simply perfect for crafting and transforming!

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