Safety glass mosaic

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Safety glass mosaic tiles

The heart of all hobbyists will beat faster when they hold this unique material in their hands. With the Safety Glass mosaic tiles, creating mosaics becomes a real pleasure. Not only the wonderful appearance is the basis for a wonderful work of art, but also the fact that it will be very robust and resistant.

Created from shards

Mosaic tiles Safety glass is nothing else than safety glass. The very special properties of this material make it so wonderful to process. The panes shatter into many small splinters without really breaking. This creates a unique effect, which will create a wonderful look when you do handicrafts and design.

The individual plates have a size of 15 x 20 cm each. Each of them is individually welded in for safety reasons. The material has a thickness of about 3.5 mm which guarantees an excellent finish and causes a clear lifting of the surface. The glass is pre-broken and therefore does not have to be laboriously cut.

Freedom of use in many areas

There are many application methods for the Safety Glass mosaic tiles. Due to the fact that they are absolutely insensitive to frost, the shards can also be used outdoors and in all seasons without any problems. This makes it possible to beautifully decorate objects in the garden and possibly even create your own Christmas decoration.

Thanks to their resistance to alkalis and acids, Safety Glass mosaic tiles can be cleaned of even the most stubborn dirt. They are completely insensitive to solvents, so that even colours can be easily and quickly removed when they are no longer perceived as aesthetic. The stones should not be used as floor coverings, but can otherwise be used in all areas.

In all colours

The Safety Glass mosaic tiles can be covered in many different colours. At the moment there are 10 individual colours in the range. In addition, there are three mirror colours, which achieve a wonderful effect in all handicrafts and give the designed object an even more breathtaking shine. In addition, 10 colour mixtures can be used, so that the palette is completed by a complete compendium of colour nuances.

All of this can be combined in any way you like and glued together to your heart's content. No more than an acrylic or silicone adhesive is required to apply to the substrate. With a glass cutter, larger pieces can also be easily knocked into smaller pieces, so that you always have the parts you need at hand.

If this is not enough for you, you can also use transparent sheets. These can also be illuminated from the back, which is a wonderful effect especially for mosaics that need to be set in scene accordingly. These tiles can also be easily processed and combined with all other colours in any way you like. This gives you the freedom to design mosaics that is second to none. Especially the wonderful optics can more than convince here.

Order your mosaic Safety Glass Tiles in any quantity. Whether large or small projects, with them any idea can be implemented easily and quickly, even for people who do not have great manual skills. Simply give free rein to your creativity, because it is already spurred on by the wonderful sight and driven to top performance.

Quickly processed

The Safety Glass tesserae can be processed very quickly by you as the user. You do not need any large tools or elaborate cutting instruments to cut the glass. All parts are usually handily pre-crushed and can therefore be used immediately. The plates are delivered to you securely sealed in foil so that not a single part is lost.

All you need is an adhesive suitable for mosaics so that you can start your work. You proceed in the same way as with the creation of any other mosaic. You place the stones next to each other in the desired way and wait until the glue has set. Even though the Safety Glass mosaic stones are real glass, they stick perfectly to any surface and can therefore be applied normally even on smooth surfaces.

The tiles are also suitable for working with children, as the stones do not pose any danger, as there is no risk of cuts from the edges. Create small masterpieces together with your children and marvel at the colour combinations that result from the glass. Have fun doing handicrafts that can be expanded with new elements at any time. You have made the right choice with the Safety Glass mosaic stones, because they are a unique basic material that produces the most wonderful colours, the most beautiful nuances and the best lighting effects. Whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors, the Safety Glass mosaic tiles will not disappoint you.