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Mosaic creative tile

Extra thin mosaic tile in 10x10 cm format for creative saddling. Commercially available tiles have a thickness of 6-8 mm, whereas our high quality and extra flat mosaic tile is only 4 mm thick.

With this flat stone height it can be combined much more easily with other materials such as Soft Glass, Joy Glass, Murano Glass or Ceraton of the same thickness.

The mosaic tile has a breathtaking, glossy surface and is available here in 20 brilliant colours and various blends that impress with their luminosity and colour depth.
The mosaic tile is made of porcelain stoneware and is extremely robust, impact resistant as well as frost and heat resistant. It can be worked on with mosaic tongs or also with the tile cutting and breaking tongs without any problems. Of course, the tile can also be broken into small mosaic tiles with a hammer.