Glass mosaic

Glass Mosaic Stones - A life full of colours

Glass mosaic stones in all colours and shapes, for your unique mosaic project you will find exactly in this category

Mosaic stones made of glass for unique effects
Glass mosaic stones are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and surfaces. The unique nature of glass allows it to be used indoors and outdoors. Whether you are creating a piece of art, decorating a pot for the garden or redesigning your mosaic table, glass tiles offer flexibility to meet all your needs.

Great ideas with glass mosaic

With their vibrant colours, glass mosaic tiles are the perfect stones to give your mosaic a special touch. Ideal for picture frames and mosaic tables.

Exceptional material properties of glass stones

A glass mosaic has outstanding properties that can have a positive effect on the ambience in a room. 
Mosaic stones made of glass reflect the light falling on them and do not absorb it.
This automatically makes the mosaic object appear larger and significantly brighter. In addition, a glass mosaic surface is very easy to maintain.
Mosaic stones made of glass are absolutely leak-proof and can be easily cleaned with water. Even with a simple washing-up liquid and a damp cloth, the surface is quickly clean again.

Design possibilities with glass mosaic tiles

With a glass mosaic, you can optimally set the scene for individual mosaic objects or accentuate entire surfaces, such as a table.
Whether Mediterranean or modern, the colourful glass stones fulfil every wish.
Translucent stones also create a great effect when light shines through them. In this case, it is advantageous to glue the stones onto a transparent surface such as glass.

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