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The colourful world of mosaic tiles!

The store for your mosaic hobby with a huge selection of mosaic tiles and idears. The craft areas like mosaic tiles, mosaic templates, tools and glue, let your mosaic heart beat faster! Explore the world of joy glass, Murano glass tiles, soft glass, Tiffany glass, Ceraton ceramic, marble stones, Mille fiori, mosaic tongs, mosaic accessories and much more. Beside mosaic instructions we also have many helpful tips + tricks for you.

The world is colourful - especially that of antiquity! 

Mosaic shop stands for quality! 
A mosaicist is only as good as his experience. It takes years of experience to create a mosaic of high artistic and technical quality. A mosaicist is an artisan who designs and executes mosaics. In ancient times these craftsmen always signed their works. Well-known workshops are the Mayer'sche Hofkunstanstalt, mosaic schools in Ravenna and the Rheinische Mosaikwerkstätte. 

So that you can get an idea of Mosaik-Shop and the people behind it, I would like to introduce myself briefly: 

My name is Andreas Hopson.
- German Archaeologists Association e.V. 
- West and South German Association for Ancient History Research e.V. 
- Phoenix-Pompej e.V. in cooperation with the Soprintendenza Naples, Italy 

I have always been interested in the expressive, artistic mosaics of Roman antiquity. That is why I have devoted much time to the exploration of this ancient craft. Afterwards I gave lectures in schools about how these craftsmen were organized and what position they held in the society of the time. My special field is the handicraft techniques of ancient mosaicists. We live history! It is important that our children know history, especially their own. Without history we would not be here today! Since we were asked more and more often where to buy the materials for mosaics, we created the online mosaic shop. 

Here you can see the most common materials, sizes, colours and even some tools, templates and information material. Do you have a special wish? We are happy to help you with advice and support. Sometimes an idea is born in the head, but the execution is difficult. We can help there! 

Mosaics have a therapeutic effect! 

The production of mosaics requires creativity, perseverance, skill and a good eye for colour and form combinations. This work relaxes and brings a sense of achievement. The result is a work of art that children (school), for example, can enjoy for a long time. Children can give their parents a piece of history that they have made themselves! Not many people can say something like that! Children gain a higher degree of skill, endurance and creativity. Laying mosaics is never boring, as there are countless colours, shapes and materials. There are no limits to creativity! Young people always complain in art classes that they are too boring. Here is a possibility to make it more interesting and lively. It is not necessarily said that it has to be antique designs. 

It is possible to make templates for animals, symbols, landscapes or motorcycles and then create mosaics. We love history, but the mosaic shop is also meant for hobbyists, teachers and all those who want to get to know the colourful world of mosaic tiles and design them themselves! 

Our selection - your variety! 

This is characterized by the high-quality production or the special material the tiles are made of. The surface texture, the thickness, the material, the size, the height as well as the colour and the laid pattern determine the effect of a mosaic. A pattern, once laid with marble tiles and once with Murano glass tiles, creates a completely different effect on the viewer. Due to the special nature of the material, light effects are shown to their best advantage. Murano glass tiles is a different material than mother of pearl. The glass manufacturers of Murano, Italy are world-famous for the quality and colour intensity of their products. Mother of pearl is characterized by the material's own shimmer. The very specific structure of marble reflects the flair of Greek antiquity. Tiffany mosaic tiles are well suited for modern designs (Art Nouveau artist Lous Comfort Tiffany). They can be used for both exterior and interior applications and are often used for the design of lanterns, window mosaics and lamps. The 24k golden tiles shimmer even more than amber and make the final product look noble. Glass nuggets (muggle tiles) achieve their special effect through their height as well as powerful play of colours. They are very robust and unfold their special effect as table decoration. Very special effects can be created with mirror mosaic tiles and flip ceramics. Mirror mosaic tiles are often used for garden accessories. Mosaic tiles and Byzantic tiles make the heart of every lover of antiquity beat faster. The shapes polygonal, square, cube-shaped, irregular, round also give different heights. Thus, very easy, effective effects can be achieved. The height of the tiles ranges between 1 mm and 8 mm. Whether plastic or natural materials, there is something for every taste. 

Techniques and tricks for laying mosaics! 

With mosaic tiles you can embellish mirrors as well as vases, bowls, garden tables, etc. Mosaics are also excellent as wall art. There are adhesives for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces (adhesion!). For spheres, glue with slow-flowing properties or 3D silicone is used. Mosaics are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. However, you should pay particular attention to this when buying the jointing compound (weather-resistant!). Cold glaze makes mosaics scratch and frost resistant! Creative sets are just the right thing for beginners! They contain all the materials and accessories as well as instructions needed for the first steps and are an excellent gift! 

Setting methods 

A distinction is made between direct and indirect setting methods. The direct variant is the oldest method of setting mosaics. Here the tiles are set immediately in the fresh glue/mortar. The unevenness of the surface is intentional and creates a unique but attractive structure. This enables a more spontaneous work. Plastic design and arbitrary shaping are the around and on this setting method. This way of setting also allows a wider range of materials, such as pebbles or shells. With the indirect working technique an intermediate step is inserted. The design draft is applied mirror-inverted on the mosaic paper. Larger images are subdivided. Water-soluble glue is used as an adhesive. The front is on the paper. The back is visible. After setting, the mosaic is applied "wet on wet" to its final location (iron cassette, floor or wall). The paper is then removed with water. Now the mosaic presents itself in all its glory. As the tiles are placed on the paper, the surface is smooth. The indirect method allows the correction of mistakes, as more time is available. The possibility of subdivision makes it possible to produce more extensive works. The indirect technique is very advantageous for large compositions. 

We cordially invite you to take a tour of our website! Have fun with our products!

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