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Glass Gems are comes in a range of shapes, sizes and colours. All gems are flat for easy adhesion and are perfect for use in mosaics, stained glass, leadlight, scrapbooking and other art and beautiful craft applications.

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Glass gems - Old art and fresh wind

The very meaning of the word "mosaic" suggests the artistic orientation of such a mosaic, as the word comes from the Old Latin and translates as "dedicated to the Muses". You too can give free rein to this with the colourful glass nuggets in their various colours and shades. There are almost no limits to your imagination and the possibilities of how a home-made glass gems mosaic can become an eye-catcher in your home or a very individual gift for a loved one are endless.

Whether it is a simple mural, which is made up of your tear-shaped glass gems and depicts a motif of your choice, or the old vase, which you had actually already wanted to throw away and which now becomes an eye-catcher on the living room windowsill, pepped up by a pattern of the small glass stones, decorative can be created with the art form of mosaic, which was already known in antiquity, even today real eye-catchers. You alone decide whether you want to turn the colourful glass tears into a pretty frame for a mirror, a new dress for the old vase or a pretty decoration for the preserving jar that has been turned into a lantern. Set no limits to your imagination, the possibilities for using the glass nuggets to decorate your home are endless.

A play of light and colours

Whether as a mural or vase decoration, where light falls on the glass mosaic you have created, the glass gems leave colourful splashes of light on the surfaces on which they fall, thus ensuring that they are a real eye-catcher twice over. In this way, the glass nuggets create beautiful accents that give your home a unique character that unmistakably reflects your own artistic vein. The dancing spots of colour not only create a playful, romantic atmosphere, but also brighten up the colours, especially when the days outside are getting shorter and the seasons darker. The dancing specks of light are a real eye-catcher, as is the artwork itself, with which you can give your surroundings your very own signature.

Your very individual work of art

You yourself put the stones together according to your own taste and choose which colour tones you would like to use for it. In addition to the colour, you can also decide whether the glass nuggets you want to use should be clear or iridescent and therefore not completely transparent. You can also choose between the tear-shaped and therefore rather round and easy to arrange glass nuggets and heart- and star shapes. No matter whether the result is an abstract pattern or a work of art made of glass drops - whether you create it yourself or as a replica of an important artist - it is entirely up to you what the individual glass gems will eventually become.
You yourself are the artist, you arrange and let the glass nuggets become what you imagine them to be. Whether it is practical as a frame for a mirror, an eye-catcher for a previously plain cupboard door or to give the flower pot a more interesting design, it is entirely up to you. Even the old coffee table can be spiced up with the glass nuggets if you feel like it. The list of possible decoration ideas is almost endless. From a quickly assembled, lovingly designed tealight to a large picture for the living room glass door, everything is possible to suit your own taste.

Let your creativity run free

Of course, you don't have to build the colourful eye-catchers all by yourself, but you can do it together. Whether with your partner, with children on a rainy day or with friends, together the glass nuggets can also be turned into a beautiful work of art, which in the end can give a room a magical, romantic atmosphere by the light refracted in it. It doesn't even matter how big the mosaic you put together from the glass nuggets becomes. Whether you work together to turn empty jars of cucumber into tea lights or decide to create a large picture, here too only your own creativity sets the limits.

You yourself decide what kind of artwork is made up of the colourful little stones. You can let your individual creativity run free. Design with the glass nuggets what you want to create by choosing the glass nuggets that best match your ideas and their implementation. You can choose from a large assortment of different coloured glass gems, which you can put together according to your own ideas and wishes. Depending on your taste, you can choose whether the glass drops should be transparent, opaque or with a pretty frost look and which colour or shape you prefer to create your very own work of art.