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Marble Mosaic Tiles

The marble mosaic tiles come from quarries around the globe. The natural colouring together with the individuality of each mosaic tile gives each natural stone mosaic its special touch. The mosaic tiles have a smooth, polished surface with rounded edges. The surface is untreated and can be coated with colour booster or natural stone wax as desired. They are easy to work with mosaic nippers.

A stone with history

Marble, the stone chosen by the Italian sculptor Michelangelo for the figure of David and for the Pieta in St. Peter's Basilica.
Both are probably among the most famous and beautiful sculptures in art history.
Legend has it that the marble of the Pieta is so shiny that Michelangelo spent as much time polishing it as he did making the statue.

Marble is probably one of the most precious types of stone. In antiquity and also today. Because of its extraordinary stability and incredible beauty, we owe many works of art and buildings of antiquity to this stone.
Because of its extraordinary colourings and textures, the charm of marble has been preserved until today.
Its uses range from interior decoration, to covering floors, wall tiles and many other possibilities.
Hobbyists have also discovered marble for its beauty.

Graceful stone from Italy

Probably the world's largest source of marble is in an area in Tuscany. Probably the most famous marble in the entire world comes from here. Carrara marble, also known as the white gold of Italy.
Even Michelangelo came directly to Carrara, a town in Tuscany, in ancient times to select marble for his works of art.
With its white and distinctive grey vein running through the stone, Carrara marble is one of the most luxurious types of marble.

However, there is not only the white stone, but also coloured varieties sold under other names.
Last but not least, marble is still used today by sculptors as a material for their works of art.
Each type of marble has its own special characteristics. These are special textures, structures, patterns, grains or colours. These can be used to distinguish between the different types.

Marble - more than just stone

If you are looking for something special for your home, you should definitely consider marble.
Artists and craftsmen have used the texture of marble, for which the stone is famous, in other materials as well. Who does not know the beautiful marble pattern on painted walls or decorative objects. The unique stone texture beautifully embellishes the home in a wide variety of colours.
This is a beautiful addition to stone mosaics.


Marble mosaic - for stylish living

Making a mosaic is very varied and exciting.
To create unique works of art yourself, marble is ideal for a mosaic.
Small marble stones are the ideal companions for this.
With marble in a mosaic, an individual flair of natural stone is created in the home.

But whoever thinks of marble stones should not immediately think of the works of art of past sculptors. It also goes one size smaller.
Combine simple decorative objects with accents of marble stones and create your own personal mosaic work of art.
Beginners can start, for example, by embellishing a picture frame with the stones. The border is decorated with the small marble stones, a unique mosaic is created. The wall decoration gives a room an individual flair.
Imagine covering a simple wooden jewellery box with the marble stones.

If you like, you can also dare to create larger objects.
Marble stones can be used to create unusual mosaic designs. Their small size and seamless transitions make them particularly suitable for decorating columns.

Handicrafts are not only fun alone. Especially with children, it is a fun and extremely exciting thing to do.
Children love to be creative. First the challenge of thinking about what they want to embellish with their marble stones, then picking out the right stones, in the right colour. They love figuring out the right pattern, eagerly trying out different options before the gluing really starts. It's worth the effort, because when everyone admires the finished work of art, everyone is proud.

A real pleasure for adults too

The marble stones can also be easily reduced in size to create small fragments. The fragments can be used to create even more delicate mosaics. A bowl, for example, can be beautifully covered with them in a circle, turning from the inside like a snail. What a great pattern!

And when you have made enough for yourself, a homemade gift for your family and friends is a real joy.
Especially in these hectic times, you often don't take the time to make something yourself. This makes it all the more special and unique for the recipient.
Whether for your own home or as a gift: homemade items are always well received.

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