Mille-fiori Mosaic glass

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Mille-fiori mosaic glass tiles are a real speciality

and give every decoration article that certain something. The small, round, flat tiles inspire by a multiplicity of different motives and fantastically beautiful colours. The small glass tiles bring variety to every mosaic work. Thus, eye-catching accents are created, which make every decorated decoration piece a real eye-catcher. The Millefiori mosaic tiles are particularly suitable for processing in jewellery or mirrors. The tiles are of particularly high quality and retain their brilliance for a long time.

Production and tradition of the Millefiori mosaic tiles

Millefiori means "thousand flowers" and refers to a special technique of glass making. The special technique of glass making probably originated in Italy. The material itself actually comes from the enamel technique. To make it, a mixture of different coloured glass rods is fused together and repeatedly covered with glass. Then slices are cut from these rods, which are called murrine in Italian and English. The result is a mass of colorful glass pieces that look like a colorful field of flowers. The small pieces of glass are then fused in the kiln to create unique works of art. This technique, already known in Egypt around 1800 BC, was continued in the Hellenism in Alexandria in the form of bowl-shaped vessels. Millefiori glass reached its peak in the 15th-16th century AD, but it was not until the 19th century that the term millefiori glass became established. Today, many hobbyists and decorators use the millefiori glass mosaic tiles to decorate their lovingly handmade unique pieces.

We offer you particularly high-quality millefiori mosaic tiles, which do not lose their luminosity and colour intensity in the long run. We have a selection of colorful millefiori mixtures but also single colors such as green, blue, yellow-red or gray. Discover the variety of millefiori glass mosaic tiles. We also offer different sizes: Millefiori tiles with 4-5, 7-8 and 9-10mm.

Ideas with Millefiori mosaic tiles

Whether for at home or as a gift: homemade products are always well received. And when it is so beautifully decorated with millefiori mosaic tiles, your decoration piece will be the talk of the town. In general, the motto is, be creative. The mere sight of a mosaic immediately creates a holiday mood - no wonder, because mosaics are mainly known from Mediterranean countries like Italy or Greece. Get the special Mediterranean flair at home or give away some holiday mood. With self-made decoration articles made of Millefiori mosaic tiles you are absolutely right.

From old to new: Flowerpot made of Millefiori mosaic tiles

A real eye-catcher are self-designed flower pots made of millefiori mosaic tiles. To make them, you need a flower pot, millefiori mosaic tiles, silicone glue, mosaic grout, brushes and sponges. At first the millefiori mosaic tiles are glued to the flowerpot with the help of the silicone glue. Then apply the mosaic jointing material with a brush or spatula and let it dry. In the last step, use a damp sponge to uncover the mosaic tiles again. Now let it dry for two to four hours - the new, old flower pot is ready.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Millefiori mosaic tiles for a new mirror
Creative mosaic mirrors are absolutely in vogue and if these are then also embellished with millefiori mosaic tiles, practically nothing can go wrong. A wooden board, MDF board or a chipboard is suitable as a base for the mirror. A glass mirror itself is also needed. Whether round or square - there are no limits to your creativity. Glue the glass mirror on your base. Then place the millefiori mosaic tiles around the mirror on the wooden board with a little grout. You decide how large the distances between the individual millefiori mosaic tiles are. Then let everything dry and spread the mosaic jointing compound. Allow to dry again briefly and now rub everything with a damp sponge until the millefiori mosaic tiles are freed from the grout and shine again. Now everything has to dry out properly, this takes about two to five hours.

Bowl with millefiori mosaic tiles

For the production of a homemade mosaic bowl, a combination of Joy Glass mosaic tiles, if possible plain and millefiori mosaic tiles is recommended. The latter provide the extra Hilghlight of this bowl. At first the bowl is generously coated with mosaic grout and the different mosaic tiles are placed on top. Work from outside to inside. Let everything dry well and then fill in the joints. With a damp sponge, carefully remove the superfluous grout again until the mosaic tiles reappear. Let the work of art dry again, about two to four hours. If you like, you can still glaze the mosaic so that the bowl can also be used for fruit or vegetables. Otherwise, the bowl looks good outside or makes a good decorative element.

Features Millefiori mosaic tiles

suitable for indoor applications
non-slip, scratch-resistant
resistant to acids and alkalis
Mille-fiori mosaic tiles are not suitable as flooring.