Crash Mosaic Glass

Glassteine Crash Mosaiksteine

The new mosaic stone character. Experience the symbiosis of safety glass and soft glass stones.

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Crash Mosaic Glass - Creative Handicrafts for Creative Heads

Nowhere else can fantasy be lived out as much as in handicrafts.
Whether homemade gifts or decorative handicraft ideas. Crash glass blocks are something very special. They captivate with their colourful luminosity and are an absolute insider tip among hobbyists.

With children they trigger the desire to do handicrafts, adults look back nostalgically into their childhood. They enjoy great popularity and are a wonderful addition to decorating and mosaic work.
Artists' souls love the combination of different colours and shades. Anyone who has ever started to work with crash glass stones will quickly succumb to this hobby.
Design your home with unique pieces that you have made yourself. Instead of spending a lot of money on them, you are the designer and design according to your wishes and creativity.

Versatile beauties for hobbyists

The choice of colours leaves nothing to be desired, passionate hobbyists can fully enjoy themselves here.
Thus there are no limits to colourful handicraft creations.
They can be used for the most diverse ideas and are suitable for the production as well as for the beautification of decoration objects.

With simple means small works of art can be conjured from bowls, mirrors, lights or sculptures. Even the smallest incidence of light makes the glass sparkle, the stones reflect in the sun and inspire even more with their reflective effects. Translucent stones are perfectly suited for wind and tea lights and speak for cosy winter evenings.
By assembling and applying different colours and shapes, real works of art are created. With them small accents can be set, all the same whether vases, Dekoschalen or figures. In the end, everything is in its place, whether inside or outside on the terrace and in the garden.
Even old decorative items that have been unloved and forgotten in the cupboard for years can be quickly and creatively embellished with Crash Glass Stones and in the end appear in new splendour.

The stones not only love to be glued to objects, they also love to be painted!
Creative painters create real animal worlds. Small noses, eyes and ears are skillfully placed. Real animals or fantasy animals, everything is allowed. Gladly also with a certain eye wink.
Who would like to conjure something green around its new animals, paints the stones for example with a few multicolored flowers. Small children and big children create their new friends.
The little beauties are particularly popular as scatter decoration on tables or for filling glasses and vases.
On the Internet you will find many templates and suggestions on do-it-yourself pages or hobby pages. The community and the number of enthusiasts is constantly growing.

Small works of art from mosaic

Anyone with a creative personality often has the desire for homemade, beautiful, individual decoration and is often on the lookout for new craft ideas. Mosaic preserves past art history and modern handicrafts like hardly any other craft.
Mosaic was already an extraordinary art with the Romans and in ancient Greece. Walls and floors of the upper class were decorated with mosaics.

Even today, the beauties of an artist's soul take your breath away.
Mosaic seems to come from another world. It still inspires today and delights many imitators and new artists.

For the private hobbyist it can be one size smaller than in antiquity.
Although tables, vases and sculptures for garden beautification or everyday things. Mosaic captivates by its playfulness.
Objects can be beautifully and uniquely decorated with small ornaments or individual stones through their simple variety of colors.
Mosaic inspires, with simple means into another world immerse.

Handicrafts, trendy like never before!

Handicrafts simply never go out of fashion. Quite the opposite. Because especially in times of digitalization, handicrafts are often lacking and are then something very special.
Decelerate the world and give a special treat with homemade products.

Handicrafts with glass are therefore very much in vogue. It combines creativity with dexterity and offers hours of fun. With a little imagination you can create extraordinary works of art for which you don't necessarily need a lot of talent.
Because with Crash glass blocks everyone can quickly create visually appealing decoration, an incomparable eye-catcher for home and ideal for giving away.

Crash glass blocks should not be missing in any creative workshop, because once you have discovered the craft with glass for yourself, you will no longer be able to get away from it.
Crash glass blocks - so simple, so versatile. No matter what hobby you are enthusiastic about.